The loss of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the brightest light for many of us for truth and justice, calls for all of us to work harder.  I am deeply saddened and frankly scared, and mourn for our country.  Our work at Physicians for Social Responsibility becomes even more important.  We must work harder with heart and determination.  We promise to work with all of you as hard as we can to further our agenda of social responsibility.  Please join us in lifting up the life of RBG and rededicate ourselves to our work.  That is what I am sure RBG would tell us to do.  

-- Sasha Stiles, MD, Chair, PSR Colorado


Past Webinars that we have participted in:

  Colorado Parents & Experts Speak Out: 

Oil and Gas Methane Pollution Harms our Health

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webinar was held on September 9 to present information about the health harms of methane pollution and what you can do to help protect the air our kids breathe.

Methane is a potent greenhouse responsible for 25 percent of the climate change we’re already experiencing in Colorado. Wherever oil and gas is being drilled, compressed, or processed, you can find methane and harmful air pollutants such as benzene that can cause cancer and contribute to ozone pollution or smog.

Now we need you to raise your voice to tell Colorado’s leaders and agencies to strengthen methane and toxic air pollution rules to protect our communities. There will be two important public hearings coming up in September and we will share information on how to give comments.

Two important public hearings are coming up in September with Colorado regulators. They will be making critical decisions about methane and the oil and gas operations in our state. This is our chance to have stronger protections put in place. They will be hearing from the oil and gas industry, so they must hear from us as well!


Health Impacts of Natural Gas in the Home: 

Children and Health Equity


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Our first Healthy Electric Homes webinar, "Health Impacts of Natural Gas in the Home: Focus on Children and Health Equity"  was held on September 3.

Burning gas in homes releases carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and small particulate matter. This increases the risks for asthma, heart attacks, strokes, emergency room visits, carbon monoxide poisoning, and deaths.

Studies show that those who suffer the most from indoor air pollution are those in low-income communities. Children are also among the most vulnerable groups.  Learn what you can do as a health professional to best advise your patients, and as an activist to change policy!

Our presenters were Yadira Caraveo, MD, pediatrician and Colorado State Senator; Cory Carroll, MD, family practice physician; and Jessica Miller, MD, general pediatrician.

Want more info?  Please contact PSR CO board member and webinar host Barbara Donachy, MPH, at


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