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2020 Medical Symposium News

As of March 31st, 2020 there are 55,292 active oil and gas wells and 64,994 inactive oil and gas wells in Colorado.  The EPA downgraded Colorado’s air quality from moderate to serious non-attainment levels.  Poor air quality and an increase in health concerns, attributed to drilling and “fracking” near residential areas, are increasing exponentially in Colorado. The medical community is currently unaware of the potential health impacts of unconventional Oil & Gas development.  The dissemination of medical research regarding oil and gas development is timely and critical. Our goal is to offer annual symposia and to provide webinar access across Colorado and to other states.   


Toward that end, we will hold the 2nd Medical Symposium in the Fall of 2020, The upcoming symposium plans to accomplish the following:


Raise awareness of the health impacts of Oil & Gas Development

Provide the latest information and peer reviewed research to medical and health professionals, and concerned citizens

Educate professionals to properly identify the etiology and symptom clusters of medical conditions due to exposure to Oil & Gas Development

Educate a broad base of stake holders including public health officials, medical school students, community members and researchers

Educate medical personnel to recognize, test and treat health related concerns regarding exposure to  Oil & Gas Development

Facilitate collaboration and coordination between researchers, medical professionals and residents to protect the health and safety of citizens

Familiarize attendees with resources such as;” The Compendium of Scientific, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risk and Harm of Fracking” (1,778 published, peer reviewed studies)

Provides medical and health professionals with educational credits towards licensure

Medical Symposium on the Health Impacts of Oil & Gas Development

The First Medical Symposium on the Health Impacts of Oil & Gas Development was launched on February 2nd, 2019 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. This accredited symposium provided networking between Medical and Health professionals, and Researchers, to improve patient care, to understand the etiology of symptoms and to improve diagnostic outcomes. The full day symposium had thirteen highly credentialed and inspirational speakers from all parts of the country.


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