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PSR Colorado activists will keep fighting the good fight in court and in the public eye to stop the Greenway project from exposing more people to Rocky Flats contamination. Read more here!
""The entire refuge and beyond has been dusted, finely dusted with very small particles and very, very small volumes over four decades of production out there," said former CU Boulder Profesor Harvey Nichols."
..."In May, along with Nichols, Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Environmental Information Network filed an injunction to stop the City of Boulder from spending tax dollars on the Rocky Mountain Greenway Trail intended to connect the refuge to other nearby trails.
"Several of us live in superior and in Boulder and we’re concerned about what’s going on here," said Sasha Stiles."

Protecting our health and environment from air pollution also prevents climate disaster. Check out PSR National's new ad campaign in the Sentinel, Boulder Daily Camera and Colorado Politics:

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