What We Do

PSR Colorado works to elevate the voice of health professionals in regard to protecting the public from the health impacts of hydraulic fracturing, the climate crisis, and exposures to radionuclides and other toxic substances on current and future generations. PSR Colorado advocates for solutions to reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear energy.
Watch our video below and follow the links to learn more about PSR Colorado's work in different areas:
Medical Symposia
PSR Colorado works to keep health professionals and the community aware of the most current and reliable information on the health impacts of fracking, radionuclides and toxics on our most vulnerable populations and about the impact of greenhouse gases on the climate crisis. We do this through webinars, public presentations, and educational forums and symposia. Our goal is to empower health professionals and community members to be credible and effective advocates for the planet and the people.
PSR Colorado works at the local, state and federal level to support communities in their efforts to mitigate fracking and its harmful impacts through lobbying, educating decision-makers, letters to the editor, testimonies, and seminars.  We are closely following and partaking in the SB-181 Rule-making process.  We continue to educate healthcare professionals and the community on the health and safety harms of this fossil-fuel industry.
Healthy Electric Homes
To avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis, we need to move quickly toward replacing fossil fuels with clean, safe, renewable energy; increase energy efficiency; and electrify our homes and buildings. PSR Colorado supports this transition by bringing health professionals into the building electrification movement. 
Rocky Flats
PSR Colorado joins community groups in calling for the closure of the Wildlife Refuge to the public, the unsealing of all records including the Special Grand Jury6 89-2 records, and a halt to any further development on or near the Rocky Flats site.
Environmental, Racial, and Climate Justice
PSR Colorado advocates for health equity for people of color and disadvantaged populations.