Still Cooking With Gas?

Here's why it's dangerous for your health.

  1. Indoor air is largely unregulated and is often more polluted than outdoor air.
  2. Gas stoves can be a large source of toxic pollutants indoors.
  3. Indoor pollution from gas stoves can reach levels that would be illegal outdoors.
  4. There are well-documented risks to respiratory health from gas stove pollution.
  5. Children are particularly at risk of respiratory illnesses associated with gas stove pollution.
  6. Lower-income households may be at higher risk of gas stove pollution exposure.
  7. Ventilation is critical but is not the sole strategy to prevent exposure.
  8. Electric cooking is a cleaner household cooking option.

From PSR, Sierra Club, RMI, and Mothers Out Front report,
“Health Effects from Gas Stove Pollution” - Click Here for PDF


Below are some simple steps to protect yourself and your family!


“TO BREATHE” just remember:

Tell your family, friends and neighbors about the dangers of burning gas in the home, and what to do about it.

Open a window or two for ventilation just before, during, and shortly after cooking with gas.


BR’ners: always use the back ones first.

Electric appliance alternatives: use smaller appliances instead, such as microwaves, toaster ovens, portable induction burners, etc.

Advocate for clean energy laws and policies with your representatives and public officials.

Transition to healthy electric appliances, as you’re able.

Hood fan on, and on high, whenever cooking with gas.

Equipment should be properly and regularly maintained, including gas stove, hood fan & filter, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.


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