Dr. Philip Johnson  

Dr. Johnson is senior program director of The Heinz Endowments’ Environment & Health Program, based in Pittsburgh and serving the southwestern Pennsylvania region.  He currently serves on the board of Environmental Grantmakers Association, is past chair emeritus of the Health & Environmental Funders Network, and serves on the steering committee of the National Academies Environmental Health Matters InitiativeDr. Johnson received his Master of Public Health, Master of Environmental Science and PhD in Risk Management from Yale University.

Symposium presentation:

Dr. Johnson will discuss the role of government, academic institutions and frontline community advocacy in addressing shale and petrochemical development in the Ohio River Valley and northern Appalachian region, currently the largest gas production area in the United States. He will focus on impacts to communities, the environment and public health. He will also describe successful interventions, mechanisms of change, and other factors that have shaped the success and failure of broad social risk management strategies in the region.