Brian Moench, MD

Dr. Moench is the president and founder of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment (UPHE).  Since 2007, UPHE has become the largest civic organization of medical professionals in the Western US.  We have been actively engaged in many environmental battles throughout the country and Western Canada.  UPHE has worked closely with numerous national environmental groups like the Sierra Club, Earthjustice, and WildEarth Guardians.   Dr. Moench is also the Board Chairman of Doctors and Scientists Against Wood Smoke Pollution, and was nominated by President Barack Obama as a finalist for the Champions of Change Award in 2013, for his work on public health and the climate crisis.  Dr. Moench is a former adjunct faculty member of the University of Utah Honors College, teaching public health and the environment.

Symposium presentation:

1. My personal experience with the fracking/oil industry

2. Seven common myths of air pollution and air toxics

3. Pollution sources

4. Pollution types

5. Health consequences

CEU / CME survey questions: