Action Alert May 2021

Please join us in advocating for several bills before the Colorado legislature that will help protect public health by cleaning up the air we breathe — indoors and out — while advancing our state's climate goals and social equity.

Take Action

HB21-1238 - "Concerning the modernization of gas energy efficiency programs" and SB21-246 "Electric Utility Promote Beneficial Electrification" require utilities to provide financial assistance to consumers in reducing their own methane and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including support for healthier electric cooking and heating technologies that eliminate toxic indoor air pollutants from gas-burning appliances.

HB21-1286, known as the "Benchmarking Bill", requires all commercial buildings over 50,000 square feet to report their current energy use and resulting GHG emissions to the state. Owners of buildings with high consumption and emissions per square foot will be required to make improvements to reduce energy use and emissions over time.

SB21-200 -"Reduce Greenhouse Gases Increase Environmental Justice" reduces public health impacts of greenhouse gas emissions through strong and enforceable rules, requires polluters to pay fees for harmful climate emissions, and creates an environmental justice ombudsperson position and an environmental justice advisory board in the department of public health and environment.

HB21-1189 - "Regulate Air Toxics" increases public protection from toxic air emissions by requiring that polluting industrial facilities pay for real-time monitoring of toxic air emissions that lead to damage to human respiratory, pulmonary and central nervous systems, particularly in children.

HB21-1266 - "Environmental Justice Disproportionate(ly) Impacted Community" requires our state air quality and health agencies to meet with communities impacted by high pollution levels to exchange information and develop policy proposals to address inequities such as higher asthma rates and exposure to air toxics.

Please contact your state legislators and Governor Polis today to tell them you support legislative progress on Health & Climate Justice.