Dr. Detlev Hemig fired from CU

Dr. Helmig at work

One of the most important methods to determine risk of pollution exposure is the ability to measure that exposure.  Beginning in early April of 2017, continuous monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has been done at the Boulder Reservoir by Dr. Detlev Helmig an INSTAAR (The Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research) scientist at CU.  Dr. Helmig's research has showed that the Oil and Gas Industry has under reported the pollution of VOCs emitted from their fracking sites along the front range. 


In April 2020, Dr. Helmig,  was abruptly fired from his academic post with the university barring him from his lab and 25 years of research. This was an unexpected action to remove a researcher who was willing to publish data contradicting the powerful Oil and Gas Industry.  PSR Colorado is concerned that the firing of Dr. Helmig is political and related to the financial ties the Oil and Gas industry has with CU Boulder.

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Please reach out to your local representative, CU Board of Regents, State Representatives to let them know about the questionable firing of Dr. Helmig.  Hopefully, Dr. Helmig's research can continue to provide data to help the citizens of Colorado fight the biased data from Oil and Gas.